JSC has a pan India presence as from Outer periphery of Delhi (KMP) to Narmada hanging bridge (Gujarat), we have run diverse types of toll collection plazas across India. Being pioneers in toll collection industry, our vast experience ensures the best toll collection experience for the commuters and best services for the National Highway authority of India (NHAI). At JSC toll division, our continuous endeavors are beamed towards quickest and most efficient toll collection operations.


JSC with its decade -long experience in the area of mining with an extensive knowledge of mining operations. We are supported by a pool of highly -skilled and motivated team of people, for operation, maintenance, supervision and management of mining services. We emphasis on adoption of scientific, systematic and safe mining practices for maximizing efficiency of its services with due care for mineral conservation. JSC makes every possible effort for minimizing adverse impacts of mining operations on the local ecology. We are geographically present in the northern region of India including in Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.


Indian railways has started initiatives and actions to upgrade itself with latest technology be it track maintenance, technological betterment of railway machinery, electrification and others. JSC Infratech with better understanding of functionality of Indian railways has geared itself to take up new challenges in the field of railways.


The Strength of any organization lies in its people. The company is meticulous in allocating experienced and qualified personnel to each of its project. Our staff is able to fast track design and project construction. Regular reporting procedures effectively monitor the progress and manpower/equipment utilization. We have huge resources of skilled and qualified team. The company employs more than 400 plus personnel at present.


Employing cutting-edge technology and IT infra for precise data collection and resulting sampling models for better decision-making. Our primary and secondary research reports used by multiple organisations at different levels


Flowing from our Highway & toll management ventures comes integrated octroi collection with indigenously developed state-of-the-art Weigh in motion and static weigh bridge assemblies.


We have our In-house intelligent toll management software system for toll operations. With its cutting-edge technology, backed by experience and expertise, we guarantee the best, most efficient highway traffic management solutions. In JSC, we ensure the best performance output of systems that are operational round-the-clock, all year round, and strong after-sale services and support.

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